Time Spent While Waiting on Edits

I remember as a child going back to school after summer vacation and writing an essay on how I spent my summer. While my family didn’t take vacation trips, I still had my adventures. Today’s blog is akin to that: How I spent my time while waiting on my edits to Book 5 for my Chrysalis series—Chrysalis the Gathering.

Recently, I was given a fantastic gift. I have worked full time all my life and have had to squeeze my projects in as I could, as family life took precedent, and writing was not a priority. It took me what seemed an eternity to write one book. I was never able to write during my lunch hour. I know many of my author friends do, but I always had the problem of getting my head back into my story, only to stop forty-five minutes later to go back to work. It took more time later having to reread my lunch time writes, and then rewriting them. My writing time became late at night on Friday and Saturday when I would spend time toiling away in my battery-candle lit writing room until my eyes couldn’t focus. But now, after leaving the world of full time employment —I have time.

I dove into a story I had stashed away for some time: Starburst – Enlightenment. I completed the first book long ago. An on-line publishing company accepted my manuscript, but the owner became ill, and the company closed before the book went into publication. Having it completely edited at their cost and back in my hands, I tucked it away as I was knee deep into the Chrysalis series. I had Firstborn Destinies in the pipeline, and I was still working full time. Even though I had an organized family life, I was still busy with things to do and people to visit. I couldn’t devote any spare time to starting the next book in Starburst.

So now, with time on my hands and while waiting for the 5th book edits from my editor, and letting my mind relax before jumping into the 6th and perhaps the final book in the Chrysalis series, I pulled Starburst out and started rereading. It was good, I still enjoyed it, however, (and with me there is always a however) as I read, I began changing things. Hindsight—I shouldn’t have done that. I should have kept to the storyline—now I have an entirely different story—unfinished, of course, but moving forward. I’ve dabbled into the second book of Firstborn. Working on two series at one time is a new challenge for me. We shall see how it goes.

I began crocheting again and found it much easier to let my mind focus on the plots to my story and thought of new ones I could now write without worrying about work deadlines, spreadsheets, and meeting notes transcribing or whatever else the next day at work would bring.

I rediscovered my love for cooking—I didn’t have to rush to get a quick and easy meal on the table. I can take my time in preparation and make meals as I used to make before life became too fast and furious. I’ve begun sorting through my old recipes books, and I’m creating my own. I’ve gone old school on that project. No computer files or jpg graphics, just a journal and pictures taped to pages of tried recipes from my mother, my husband’s grandmother, and from friends, or my concoctions. (one never knows when an apocalypse may hit and not having any electricity to use my computer or iPad, I’d be left to remember those fantastic recipes) I’ve included craft projects into the journal, some I’ve done, others are what I want to do. And I’ve started painting again. 

Today, as I sit at my desk, I decided to complicate my writing even more. The weather has turned cooler here in Texas, my outside summer chores are done, which affords me more time. So, until all the leaves have fallen from the trees and my winter outside chores commence that’s what I will be doing—writing.

Chrysalis gnawed at me this morning. While I am still prodding along with Firstborn and Starburst, I can announce I have started on the 6th and possibly the last book in the series. We shall see.

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