Enticing TidBit - Chrysalis - Fire & Rain (Book 4)

Chapter 1
The Dwelling of the Three Sisters
A cold wind blew hard over the open prairie, mixing the loose snow and sand into snow-snakes that slithered silently across the landscape. Prairie dogs watched the skies nervously as the sentinel’s bark warned of danger from above, and when they spotted the owl, they retreated into their homes. The large owl paid no attention to the tempting offering of food they represented, as its dinner already dangling from its talons, but made a threatening pass just the same, then glided effortlessly along the hillside until it found its home in the trees.
Snow dusted the top of the rocky outcrop that was the roof of the cave that housed the three sisters. No sound escaped past the stone door that kept them safely hidden from view, and no light leaked through the tiny fractures in the earth that protected the sisters from recognition. However, they were there, they were awake, and they were viewing the path this Chosen One was taking. Gathered around the large amethyst geode with its hollowed-out core, they watched the sketchy scenes of the future unfold.
“See, look there, Lenora, look,” Isadora prodded. “Oh, she so loves her mate.” She was a fat, little woman with gray hair that she always wore in a tight bun, and round-rimmed glasses, which perched precariously on the tip of her nose. Isadora championed the Chosen Ones. She relished with pride whenever one was born, whenever a Chosen One succeeded in stopping evil from progressing and taking hold in both the magical and the human realms.
 “What’s the matter with her?” Esadora spewed. “She has only taken two of the five males she knows of…why doesn’t she bed them now and be done with this silly nonsense—and what of the other two? Why has she wasted time and not found them?” Esadora wasn’t the least bit fond of the Chosen Ones, yet while that was true, she still held the prophecy in high regard.
Isadora and Esadora were identical twins, and the only way you could tell them apart was by the moles on their faces. Isadora’s mole was on her right cheek while Esadora’s was on her left.
Their older sister Lenora was a tall, willowy, pencil-faced woman. She was neither pro nor con with regard to the Chosen Ones. The prophecies were the prophecies, and she took them in stride.
“There is nothing wrong with her. She will know them when she sees their hues. Give her time.” Isadora proclaimed. “She loves her clan, and they do love her. So romantic…look! See, Sisters? Oh, that one is special to her.” Isadora swooned as the picture changed again, “Oh my, look at the aurora around her and her intended. I do not think I have ever seen an aurora so brilliant.”
“Humph!” Esadora grumbled. “She’s going to waste her heart on just one.”
“Not just one, Esadora,” Lenora spoke softly as she busied herself lighting candles and incense, letting the soothing vapors fill their earthen dwelling. “She has her companions who love her deeply, but only one will fill her soul. Only one, but she will love the others strongly.” She gathered the supplies she needed to look into this Chosen One’s fate. For thirty-two years, they have performed this ritual, and each time they saw something change. As they watched the child grow, they saw her happiness and her sadness; at other times, they saw the pain she would endure.
The three sisters gathered around the table and recited the ritual words they had been chanting those thirty-two years. “Oh holy Mother of the earth, our protector. Guide my hands and my mind. Let me speak the meanings of these stones.”
Lenora shook a small cup that held black stones with figures etched into them and dumped them on the red satin cloth before her. She picked the ones that fell face up and read their meanings. She frowned, took another cup filled with tiny animal bones, and shook it as she muttered softly under her breath, then turned the cup over onto the satin cloth. As she slowly removed the cup, she took note of the way the bleached bones lay and read their meanings. Her frown deepened.
“What is it, Sister?” Isadora whispered. “How bad?”
“Pain, I know that look Isadora, Lenora sees pain, a year of pain.” Esadora gave a wicked little laugh as she watched her twin frown. “Oh, cheer up. She’s supposed to be the strong one. Let’s see just how strong she is!” Esadora gloated.
“I do not just see pain this time, Esadora.” Lenora said.
“Tell us, Sister. What do the bones say?” Isadora asked.
“Many paths have appeared, but only one is correct. So far, she has stayed the course, but there is a dark cloud hanging over her.” She pointed to three bones that fell as a triangle. “The sixth is found, but is not true, another must take the place, or else the prophecy is doomed.”
Isadora and Esadora gasped.
“No! The prophecy must remain true,” Esadora said. “What must we do, Sister?”
“All we can do is pray she is strong Esadora—we must not interfere.” Lenora blew out the candles and stuffed the burning tip of the incense into the sand pot, collected all her magical stones and bones and put them away. “Now then Sisters, are we ready to go into the night? We have our list for the herbs, roots, and berries we need to restock our supplies. Do you think we could look for a different selection of meat for our stew tonight? Owl stew is getting old.”
Isadora and Esadora nodded in agreement. 
Each sister silently thought of their own plans for the night as they donned their thick bearskin coats, each carrying a wicker basket. The large stone door slowly rolled away from the entrance as the women neared. The heavy scraping sound was the only indication as to just how heavy this stone was, but after the women stepped outside, Lenora used the lightest touch as she waved her hand and the stone rolled back into place.
As the three sisters walked the footpath to the prairie floor, their appearance changed into tall, dark beauties no man could resist.
“Happy hunting Sisters,” Lenora called as she raised her hand and took flight into the darkness of the northern night.
Isadora winked at her twin. “I’ll see you in the morning Sister, good luck.”
Isadora raised her hand and took the easterly course while Esadora laughed her wicked sensual laugh, and headed west.


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